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What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a prescription medication used in facial aesthetics to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe facial lines in adults. Botox is an FDA approved medication to temporarily make moderate to severe forehead lines, crow’s feet lines and frown lines soften and look better. BOTOX contains botulinum toxin type A, a protein purified from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

BOTOX in Aesthetics: How Does it Work?

Botulinum toxin type A – the active ingredient in BOTOX prevents muscle fibers from contracting. They temporarily block the chemical signal from the nerve that moves the muscle. When used in the right amount by a trained professional, the muscle will relax, but not appear frozen, keeping it from pulling too hard on skin that has lost elasticity from environmental exposure. By reducing these contractions, BOTOX can temporarily reduce the lines on your forehead, between your eyes and around the eyes. BOTOX is also used to relax platysmal bands in the neck, giving the neck a smoother appearance. BOTOX is used to treat TMJ or grinding of the teeth, providing relief to those who suffer from facial pain related to these conditions.

Is BOTOX Cosmetic Right for You?

For individuals 18 to 65 seeking to diminish the “crinkle” lines that form when smiling, laughing, frowning or lifting the brow, BOTOX Cosmetic is a popular and effective solution. While BOTOX Cosmetic can produce desirable results with the frown-lines that form while the muscles are contracting, deeper lines that appear even at rest may require a separate rejuvenation procedure.

The BOTOX Cosmetic Procedure

BOTOX Cosmetic uses tiny amounts of a botulinum toxin type A—a widely studied medical tool approved in 75 nations—administered through tiny injections in the muscles that directly impact brow lines. The botulinum toxin blocks the release of the chemical that causes the muscles to contract. Since it only acts locally, the procedure does not impact your ability to smile or show facial expression. BOTOX Cosmetic is minimally invasive, requires no anesthesia and can be performed in your doctor’s office in a few minutes.