FaceTite Skin Tightening Consultation

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FaceTite: A minimally-invasive treatment for contouring

FaceTite delivers directional radiofrequency energy to the tissues which cause a tightening effect in which studies report up to a 36% tissue contraction.

These results previously were only achievable by surgical excision.

FaceTite: A More Youthful Appearance Starts Here

Your face is the window to your soul, the platform for first impressions, and the expressive portion of your body by which people remember you. Of course, you want it to look beautiful!

Unfortunately, tightening the skin with a facelift can result in scarring that leaves you feeling self-conscious and unhappy. That’s where FaceTite comes in. Designed to provide a path to younger, more beautiful, tighter skin. FaceTite is rapidly becoming one of our most popular procedures.

How it Works

FaceTite is a cutting-edge contouring solution designed to restore a youthful appearance, elasticity, and tone to the face and other small areas of the body. Capable of offering a 25 mm (1”) depth of treatment, FaceTite works beneath the skin’s surface to tighten the dermis and achieve an elegant, perfectly contoured appearance.

By using FaceTite, cosmetic surgery specialists can achieve results that mimic the rejuvenation offered by a facelift or even a brachioplasty, but without the requirement that they perform surgery, and without the risk of scarring.

To achieve these results, FaceTite uses a non-aspirating cannula with a plastic tip. The procedure is minimally invasive, safe, and innovative. This cannula is inserted sub-dermally and helps specialists work below the skin safely and quickly. In addition to providing a less invasive route to facial rejuvenation, FaceTite also simplifies RF-inspired tissue contraction and contouring.

During a FaceTite procedure, Dr. Hall works with the contours of your face to create a beautiful and healthy-looking finished product, without the scarring or healing time required by standard surgical options.